Infant Daycare Center - Buffalo, NY


infant 1 
[6 Weeks - 10 Months]

infant daycare buffaloIn this group, individual feeding and sleeping schedules are respected and daily interaction between parents and care-givers is encouraged.

Development of each infant's communication and social skills are encouraged through frequent holding, touching, eye contact, talking, and singing during all care-giving activities.

Staff members promote physical development by allowing infants to kick, reach, grasp, practice eye-hand coordination, and to initiate motor behavior such as rolling, sitting and crawling.

Infant 2 
[10 Months - 18 Months]

Older, more mobile infant's development is encouraged through physical activities such as walking and climbing; and through music and movement games.

Encouragement of self-help and social skills such as feeding and getting along in a group, are planned as part of the daily routine.

Teachers respond to each child's language development by describing actions, expanding vocabulary, engaging in conversations about every day experiences and by reading stories and singing songs.