Toddler Daycare Center Buffalo, NY

Toddler 1 
[18 months -27 months]

toddler daycare buffaloThis is a play group experience that responds to each child's growing interests and activities. Large and small motor coordination is developed through games and the opportunity to play with simple puzzles, pop-beads and large blocks.

Language development is encouraged at "Circle Time" through songs, finger plays, and stories.

Throughout art activities, the children are introduced to colors and shapes. Also at this time, social and self-help skills that develop independence and a basic trust of others in the group are acquired.

Toddler 2 & 3  [27 months -36 months]

In this group, dramatic play activities such as pretending with dolls, dress-up, trucks and cars are introduced. Sharing, caring and helping others is encouraged.

Opportunities to use numbers, classifying, sorting and counting objects are planned each day. "Circle Time" activities are expanded to include discussion of the weather and the change of the seasons.

Language activities include reading and telling stories, poems, finger plays, puppets and opportunities for children to talk about all of the things that they like to do.